Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home. Doesn’t it make sense to use that room to make your boldest décor statement? When selecting kitchen décor, a lot of emphasis is placed on design elements like countertops, fixtures and cabinetry. Don’t underestimate the power of what is beneath your feet to really tie in your décor choices. Quality flooring is not only aesthetically important in a kitchen, but it also has to be durable and make sense for your lifestyle.


Wood floors are all the rage. Their sleek, sophisticated style is the perfect complement to any contemporary kitchen. The richness that emanates from wood creates a shiny, durable flooring surface. If you are looking at wood for your kitchen floor, you may want to consider engineered wood over traditional hardwood. 

Environmentally, the kitchen floor is subject to elements that you wouldn’t necessarily experience in other rooms, like water spillage and cycles of heat and cold, which can cause the material to expand and contract. Engineered wood tends to tolerate these better.

If you are going for other wood, hardwoods like oak and cherry tend to be the most durable. The varied, large grain of these woods is good for blending in dirt and stains, although you should always be quick to clean spills on wood floors to minimize damage.


Tiles have long been the go-to for kitchen flooring, due in part to their versatility in design and their overall durability. Tiles have evolved over the years, and now there is a wide variety of materials and looks available, depending on your tastes.

Ceramic tiles can create a vintage look; large slate tiles are funky and contemporary. Their clean, sleek lines are very chic. Travertine tiles are textured and are very forgiving at hiding dirt and spills.


Cooks- amateur and otherwise, take note. There are few more forgiving surfaces upon which to stand for lengthy periods of prep than cork. Tiny air pockets within the cork provide a sturdy but soft surface, for which your lower back will thank you.

Cork is not only functional, but it's also fashionable as well, as it is available in a wide variety of colors. It’s low maintenance and is a great sustainable material option.


Your home is where you can express yourself most freely, right? And if being environmentally friendly is high on the list, then you may want to consider bamboo flooring. After harvest, bamboo reproduces quickly, reducing your carbon footprint significantly. Bamboo floors create a very pleasing, rich visual and provide a nice wood alternative to traditional hardwoods.

Untreated bamboo won’t stand up well to spills and messes in the kitchen, so if you go the bamboo route, make sure that your floor is properly sealed with the right sealant.

Renovating your kitchen? Need help weighing your flooring options? Whatever your flooring fancy- from carpet to tile to natural stone, we’re your Savannah flooring resource.

Don't Forget the Backsplash

You'll be amazed at what a kitchen backsplash can do for your kitchen.  Kitchn Palette Backsplashes are a really cool new product in the market.  They let you have an interchangeable and even customizable kitchen backsplash.  And be on the look out for Digital Backsplashes from Kitchen Palette.  These amazing new devices may let you put video and home images in your kitchen.  As of this writing, these smart devices are not currently available, but keep an eye out.  They are sure to be coming soon.


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