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Convenient Financing

We offer flexible financing options that make it convenient to get new carpets whenever you need them.  Financing is subject to approved credit.


Licensed Carpet Installers

Our licensed carpet installer  will make sure your job is done right from start to finish. Whether you need new carpets installed in your home or office, our experienced team will work meticulously to ensure a quality result that meets all your needs and expectations.

Voted #1 For Carpet Installation

Looking for the best carpet installation service? Look no further than Eckard's, voted #1 for their expert installation and unparalleled product knowledge. After-sales service is top-notch, making Eckard's the best choice for your home or office carpet installation project.

Free Carpet Samples

Looking for the perfect color and style for your home? Enjoy free samples to get the perfect idea of how your home or office project will come together just the way you want it.

What Make's Carpet Installation from Eckard's Unique?

At Eckard's you will always work with a dedicated sales manager who will oversee every stage of your carpet installation.  The flooring expert who you met in our store will know everything about your project from the time you decide what's right for your rooms until after you are certain every fiber is laid exactly as you intended it.

How Carpet Installation Works at Eckard's Home Improvement

  1. EK-Bethany-TeamChoose Your New Carpet with Help From an Eckard's Carpet Consultant
    You can choose from a variety of carpets at Eckard's home improvement. We have a range
    of colors, styles, and textures to choose from so you can find the perfect capet for your home or office.
  2. Get a Free Professional Measurement of Your Space from an Eckard's Flooring Measurement Specialist
    Our experts will measure the flooring area to ensure that you get the right amount of carpet. This will help prevent any surprises when it comes time to install it.
  3. Review Quotes and Financing Options
    We'll provide you with a range of quotes so you can find the best option for your budget. We a
    lso offer financing options so you can get your new carpet installed as quickly as possible.
  4. An Eckard's Licensed Carpet Installer Will Install Your Carpet 
    Once you've chosen your carpet and finalized the details, we'll install it for you. Our experts will make sure the installation goes smoothly and that you're happy with the final product.

Frequently Asked Questions About Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation
How long will it take for the carpet to be installed?
Most carpets can be installed within a day. However, depending on the size and scope of the project, it may take a little longer.
How much does it cost to have the carpet installed?

Cost of installation varies with the size of the project and the amount and type of furniture that will need to be moved for installation.  

Do I need to be home when the carpet is installed?
No, you do not need to be home when the carpet is installed. However, we recommend that a legal representative be available to answer any questions that may arise.
What kind of warranty does Eckard's Home Improvement provide on its carpets?
Eckard's Home Improvement offers a manufacturer's warranty which varies from product to product on all carpets, and a one year  warranty on all installation related issues including stretching, gaps, seams, and pull-apart.  
Choosing the right carpet
What should I consider when choosing a new carpet?
The team of carpet experts and Eckard's help customers identify the best value for their specific needs.   The right carpet for you will compliment your decor and offer the best durability for the needs of your project.
How do I measure my flooring area for a new carpet?

Eckard's offers a free professional measurement for all carpet projects.  The process includes identifying the square footage to be covered along with any specific needs your installation will require. 

Experience has taught us that delivering the best quality carpet installation requires a professional measurement.

How much does a new carpet cost?
Cost of your new carpet will vary with the size and scope of the project.  That being said, quality carpeting at Eckard's tends to range in cost from $1 to $10/square foot.  This cost does not include the cost of padding and installation. 
Can I finance my new carpet?
Yes, we offer financing options for all of our products. Please click to learn more.

What To Consider When Choosing Carpet

Room; Types; Popular Colors: Features


Pad: $0.69 to $1.00

Cost varies with project, but full coverage for any installation issues included with every project


Carpet: $1 to $6

Cost varies with project, but full coverage for any installation issues included with every project

If you're looking for quality carpets and professional installation services, Eckard's is the only stop you need.

Contact us today to learn more about our products and services, or visit our showroom in person to see for yourself what makes us the best place to buy carpets.

More About Carpet Installation from Eckard's Home Improvement

Let the experts at Eckard's Home Improvement handle your complete carpet replacement project.  A single carpet professional will meet and work with you closely to throughout the process.  Let our experts handle everything:
  • Checking the condition of your floors
  • Helping you develop floor plans for the project area
  • Helping you know and choose from all of the best options for your carpet installation project

The installation team will lay your new carpet and padding, then make sure everything is done right. They’ll help you select quality underlayment for better durability as well as reduce noise or provide insulation if that's what suits the needs best in each situation; they also know how important it is not to leave ANY debris behind when vacuuming up after them!

Your carpet installers will also walk you through a final inspection and discuss proper maintenance and warranty information.

Eckard's Carpet Installers can Handle the Whole House, Just One Room, or Anything in Between

Looking for new carpet in just one room?  Does carpet in the whole house need carpet replacement services?  Eckard's qualified carpet installers  perform whole house installation services and can also lay  new carpet in just a room or two.

Our carpet  installers are trained and experienced with hallway carpet and stair runners in addition to standard floors.  Want new carpet installed in your whole house? Eckard's offers competitive carpet installation financing offers to make large installation projects easy and affordable.

Carpet Installation Near You

Eckard's Home Improvement offers carpet installation in Northwest Missouri and Southeast Georgia.  So many carpet installation companies advertise in your area.  When you get your carpet replaced by Eckard's Home Improvement you can feel confident knowing you are getting local, licensed, installers consistently voted #1 in their region.  You get the care and oversight of a local team of flooring professionals with generations in the flooring installation business. 

Interested in a fast carpet installation?  Eckard's Home Improvement offers some of the fastest carpet installation services available call the store in your local area to see how quickly new carpeting can be installed in your home or office.

Carpet Installation is Available at All Eckard's Home Improvement Locations

To Learn more and get a free carpet installation consultation, click below on the store nearest you.

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