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How to Choose the Best Carpet

Nothing compares to the soft and silky feeling of a carpet beneath your feet! If you have young kids, carpeting your living room helps ensure their safety, and prevents many grazed knees.   Nothing is as good at sound absorption and luxurious comfort as wall to wall carpet.

Free Spot Cleaning for a Year

New carpeting is an investment in your home.  It enhances your home and your property's value.  You don't want to worry that a food spill or other accident will compromise your enjoyment.  That's why Eckard's is partnering with local carpet cleaning services in our Georgia and Missouri stores to offer FREE spot cleaning for the first year you own your carpet.  You can read details of this offer here.

Carpet Prices

Carpet price varies according to the material used in the manufacturing and the carpet branding. If you make a wrong choice of carpet, it will not be long before you notice it fading or its stubborn resistance to detergents and other cleaning agents.

Choose the Perfect Padding

Carpet needs a cushion and support layer so that it can last for longer.  While padding will forever remain invisible beneath the carpet, the condition of your carpet will quickly deteriorate without it. Another role of padding is to conceal the imperfections of your subfloor and to boost the looks of your finished floor. Consult us today for advice and recommendations on the perfect padding for your carpet.

Carpet Styles

There are a number of carpet styles—Saxony, plush, textured, frieze and Berber carpets among others. Carpet style is generally defined by its distinctive looks. Your choice of style should fit with your personal lifestyle and/or that of your family. Berber carpeting, for instance, is dense and visibly flat. In addition, the manufacturers have crafted Berber carpets from continuous fiber loops. It is ideal for durability because it is hard to spot tracks and stains on it. It is a perfect choice for households with kids and areas of the room that experience high traffic. The carpet price is also relatively lower than other options.    

Carefully Select your Carpet Provider

There are numerous carpet dealers spread all over the country and globally. With advancements in technology, it is even possible to make online purchases of carpets. We are one of the few family owned flooring stores specializing in carpet sales at affordable prices.  

Carpet Installation is Often as Important as the Carpet Itself

If you choose non-experts for the job, shoddy work will lead to uncomfortable lumps and seams popping up on your floor.  Remember that the carpet installation quality is just as important as the quality of the carpet itself!

Did you know that a stain resistant carpet diminishes the level of frustration that comes with kids playing and accidental spills?

Choose the carpet type that is not only less costly but also easier to maintain. Before you commit to purchasing, ask our flooring experts about the maintenance demands that the carpet of your choice requires.


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