Let's start with the good news: new flooring can significantly increase the value and "saleability" of your home.  A good hardwood floor, new carpet, luxury vinyl plank or tile can make a home much more appealing and make a big difference in the home's final sale price or rental price.

Now the stuff you also need to know: if you buy the wrong flooring material or the flooring is installed poorly, it can significantly decrease the overall value and "saleability" of your home.  Here are some examples. 

Thinking About Peel and Stick Vinyl? Be Sure it Won't Peel After It's Applied

There lots of reasons people use peel and stick vinyl to improve the look of a home.   We can't speak for every type of peel and stick vinyl, but there are definitely low-quality options which can look downright awful.  What's worse, once they are installed, they can be really hard to remove.  The labor and cost of installing these sticky substitutes can hurt the value of your home and look even worse than the flooring they replaced.

Good Laminate is Great, Bad Laminate Stinks: LITERALLY

There are some truly great laminate products out there, and we are proud to sell them:luxury vinyl plank, luxury vinyl tile, laminate.  A good vinyl or laminate product is beautiful, water resistant, often carries a lower cost than hardwood, and it is totally safe.  Eckard's chooses it's products very carefully, and nothing gets into or our inventory if we cannot be certain it is safe for our families and our clients.

However, there are poor quality laminate flooring products that can hurt the value of your home and even cause health problems.  Bad laminate flooring can emit toxic levels of formaldehyde.  No surprise that this can have a massive impact on the value of your home.

Toxic Laminate Floors From Lumber Liquidators Covered by CNN and 60 Minutes

Here's a link to a March 2016 article on CNN.com about dangerous levels of formaldehyde in low-quality laminate flooring sold at Lumber Liquidators: http://www.cnn.com/2016/03/22/health/health-effect-laminate-wood-flooring/.  We don't like to be the company that speaks badly of others, but consumers deserve to know when something can be dangerous for their health and can significantly reduce the value of their homes.  We wrote a blog article about the problems with low-quality laminate and how Lumber Liquidators was caught selling dangerous flooring, but continued to sell it anyway: http://www.eckardsflooring.com/blog/formaldehyde-in-flooring.

We hope you will buy your flooring from us, but we are aware that there are other reputable flooring stores in Savannah.  Please be safe and mindful when you purchase your flooring that your vendor is worthy of your business.  Bad flooring can do more than hurt your pocketbook.  

How to Choose the Right Floor for Your Project

The right floor for your project should fit your budget and improve your home.  Flooring experts at Eckard's have been in this business for three generations.  We know good flooring, and we also know where people cut corners and get hurt.  You can be sure that the floor you purchase from Eckard's will be safe, highest quality, and well installed.  We stand behind everything we sell and install.

There is a huge range of pricing available for new flooring for homes and commercial properties.  Don't get stuck making a bad investment.  We'd love to show you the options in our showroom and help you decide on the perfect floor for your project. 

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