hazardous-formaldehyde.pngIt’s hard for me sometimes to judge what to say about our competitors. Disparaging a competitor to gain an advantage in the sales process is a technique I have always found to be distasteful . As a buyer, I am turned off when the sales people I deal with do it to me so I actively try to choose my words carefully when comparing my products, my quality, my thoughts to those of my competitors. I know everyone makes mistakes. I know everyone has an off day now & then, so when folks come in and tell me about a bad experience they may have had here or there, I try to remember to appropriately apply grains of salt as needed.

It is hard to bite my tongue, however, when the news broke about a year ago by 60 minutes that Lumber Liquidators had been caught selling laminate flooring that was tested with extremely high levels of formaldehyde. I was glad that finally they were being called to task for such an egregious violation, and for exposing so many people to such a toxic gas. I was dismayed to find that not only have Lumber Liquidators not stopped selling these products (a partial list of tainted products can be found here: http://www.classaction.org/lumber-liquidators) but now the problem has spread to strand woven bamboo products as well.

Please, if you have purchased products from Lumber Liquidators, get your home tested for formaldehyde by anyone other than Lumber Liquidators. If you are thinking of buying from them, don’t. I’m not asking that you buy from us, but consider this company for what it is, a company more concerned with cost than with it’s customer’s health. Educate yourself on the issue of formaldehyde in flooring. Do a few Google searches & take my word for it, people in this town are testing their homes and finding that some of the copd, bronchitis, asthma like symptoms they are having are due to the unsafe formaldehyde levels that have come with their Lumber Liquidators flooring purchases they have made.

Thank you for your consideration.

About The Author

Dane is the owner and manager at Eckard's Flooring Savannah GA.