Tile floor offers many benefits when it comes to durability and maintenance. It can be an excellent choice in bathrooms and kitchens, but tile is gaining popularity for use in other household rooms as well as in offices too. The reason for this is because today, tile does not have to be “boring”. In fact, there are some options for tile that looks like wood. Here are a few of the most popular options for tile that looks like Savannah GA wood flooring.

American Heritage – Created by Marazzi, the American Heritage series is available in several different colors and designed to look like wood but with all of the convenience of tile. This tile is available in 6 x 36 and 9 x 36 tiles.

Belleville – Storka’s Belleville brings the warmth of distressed hardwood floor home to you with a simple, convenient finish. This flooring has a variable finish with more character than many real wood floors have. Belleville is an 8 x 36 tile

Vintage Woodlands – Available in 6 x 24 and 12 x 24 tile size, Vintage Woodlands comes in a number of shades that resembles reclaimed timber. You will feel like you are experiencing history every time you enter your tiled room, but you’ll love how easy it is to clean and maintain.

Riflessi Di Legno – One of the few tiles available in a dark wood shades, Riflessi Di Legno is not only offered in five shades but in three distinct sizes. This is one of the best options for adding character and charm to your indoor space.

Whether you decide on one of these tiles or something entirely different for your next flooring purchase, make sure you pick something that will serve you well today and for years to come. Review our free eBook “The Complete Guide to Choosing Home Flooring” to learn more. Additionally, feel free to contact the team at Eckard’s Flooring if you have any additional questions or concerns that we can help you solve.

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