Luxury Vinyl Tile  and Luxury Vinyl Plank

luxury-vinyl-plank.jpgBeauty and Durability of Stone and Ceramic, Priced for Value: LVT

Luxury vinyl tile can look like stone or ceramic tile.  It's often referred to simply as LVT.  As the name implies, LVT is made of vinyl.  That means it's often more affordable than the stone or cermic surfaces it looks like, but don't be confused by the value label.  This product is built for beauty and for durability.  The value is a happy side-affect.

LVT comes in a huge array of gorgeous natural colors and surface textures and often feels just like stone or ceramic, but it can be more durable. 

The Beauty of Wood, But More Durable and Often a Lower Price Tag: LVP

Luxury vinyl plank looks almost identical to wood planks, but is often more durable and costs less.  Don't be confused if this luxury product has a lower price tag than conventional hardwood.  This product easily compares to the color and species of virtually any hardwood on the market, and can be installed in sophisticated patterns like brick, diagonols and many others.  The result is stunning and has made luxry vinyl plank a favorite of home builders and remodelers in Savannah and around the world. Luxury vinyl plank is often abbreviated as LVP.


If you are fans of HGTV (us TOO!!), you might have seen their recent coverage of some great things you can do with LVP and ho resilient and low maintenance it is.  If not, you can check out the article on LVP on the HGTV website here

Where to Get Luxury Vinyl Tile and Luxury Vinyl Plank in Savannah, GA

Of course, yours truly Eckards Flooring Savannah, has access to a huge variety of luxury vinyl tile in Savannah and thousands of options for luxury vinyl plank in Savannah as well.  Come down to our store it 29 Echols Ave in Savannah. We'd be delighted to help you choose the perfect floor for your home.


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