Here in the Low Country and surrounding areas, we love our semi tropical climate and being so close to the ocean. What we don’t often think about is the water and humidity that exists under the ground. Just a bit too much moisture breathing up through a concrete sla, or an untreated crawl space can result in unrepairable damage to your investment in a hardwood floor in Savannah.

Calcium chloride testing is an easy procedure to determine the moisture any concrete slab is currently giving off. This vapor is a direct result of the moisture present in the ground underneath and exists to some extent in EVERY slab. Covering the ground under your crawl space with a plastic sheeting ensures the humidity from the ground will never reach your wood floor. Remember, 65% of the air you breath in your home moves up from that space, so it is important to treat it well!

See more information at the National Wood Flooring Association’s web site (they write the standards for the wood flooring industry)

About The Author

Dane is the owner and manager at Eckard's Flooring Savannah GA.