There are few more exciting things than when you’ve closed the deal to purchase a home. Unless your home is a brand new construction, there is a good chance that there might be some work to do when you take tenure as the homeowner.

When it comes to your carpeting, though, does it make sense to rip up the carpets before you move in? The easy answer: it depends. Read on below for our advice:

The Convenience Factor

If new carpeting is on your to-do list, many people find the convenience of getting this potentially complex job done prior to moving in a major benefit.

You won’t have to move furniture, watch where you walk or live in a renovation zone if the job is completed when your moving truck arrives. There is also the added benefit of being able to enjoy your new upgrades the minute you turn the key in your front door.

What Lies Beneath….

Do you know what state the floor is in underneath the carpets? You’ll want to know the condition of the floor, whether it is wood or another material as well as identifying potential problems, like mold or mildew on the subfloor.

If you’ve got mold or mildew lingering, this home renovation project should jump to the front of the queue, and be completed ASAP.

Fashion Forward

If your new-to-you home appears dated and aged, worn carpets could be the culprit. Changing what is beneath your feet can contemporize a space, through your choice of material, color, and pattern.

Like a fresh coat of paint, fresh carpeting is a cost-effective way to get a lot of décor bang for your buck. New carpeting can also serve a significant supportive role in your overall décor, with color choice working to emphasize other décor elements, like finishes, art, cabinetry, trim, and furniture.

Status Quo?

If the existing carpet is in decent condition, neutrally colored, doesn’t have any major stains or harbor any odors you may want to delay replacing them. If you don’t love your carpets, but you like them, you can probably make due in the short term.

As any homeowner knows, there are a lot of expenses when you move into a home. You may want to add this to your to-do list in the future, and spend your first few months weighing your carpeting options instead.

Are you a homebuyer with plans to renovate or redecorate? Looking for carpet in Savannah? We can offer you useful advice about carpeting that best meets your needs and your timeline.


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