In the world of home renovation, carpeting tends to be one item that we try to extend as long as possible. You can clean and engage in preventative maintenance of various kinds, but over time, it will become inevitable- you’ll need to replace your carpets in Savannah.


But how do you know when that moment has arrived? Here are some sure-fire signs that new carpeting should be in your future.

The Berber Test

Berber carpets are well-known for durability with their tight loops. However, over time, these loops may lose their tautness and not stand up anymore. Another sign you need to replace? If those trademark loops are coming undone, you can trim them back and do some band aid repair, but you may start to notice bare patches emerging.

The Mat Test

Is your carpet beginning to wear- specifically is it matted down in high-traffic sections? Is it tearing? Are edges frayed and ripping? If you find yourself covering the carpet with area rugs or moving furniture simply to hide unsightly wear and tear, that’s a sign that those carpets should go.

Super Stains

If your carpet is beginning to look like a relief map comprised of stubborn stains that seem to gather strength over time rather than fading away, you may want to consider replacing your carpet. Most carpets are manufactured with stain resistance in them, but the strength and efficiency of the stain guard will diminish with age.

The Smell Test

Does an unpleasant odor waft through your home? Despite your best cleaning efforts, you may notice that your carpet is hanging on to bad odors with a firm grip. There will come a point in time where you can’t remove those anymore. You won’t be able to mask those odors very well either.

Walking on Air?

The lifespan of your carpet isn’t just limited to the carpet itself. What lies beneath plays a role in your carpet’s longevity and appearance.


If your carpet padding has worn thin, you’ll no longer feel like you’re walking on air (it’s like walking on cement instead). When padding begins to wear, it gathers and wrinkles underneath the carpet.

Bless You

Have you or your family members noticed an increase in allergy symptoms? Old carpet is a catch-all for allergens like dust mites and animal dander. For a while, you’ll be able to remove many of them- but eventually, you’ll lose that battle.

Watch the Clock

Lifespan for carpets varies widely and can last for ten years or even more, depending on the material of the carpet. Another good indicator is if your carpet is wildly out of fashion (color or material) it may just make good design sense (especially if you are considering selling at some point) to replace it.

Unsure if your carpet should stay or go? In addition to using all of these DIY tests, you can always ask the experts! We’re the authority on all things carpet in Savannah, and would love to offer you our solutions.


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