Marble is a beautiful and elegant for home flooring, but can often present a problem; "How do I clean my marble flooring? Every time I try, I leave footprints or it ends up more dirty than before!"

There are many ways to effectively clean marble, but the best is often the most simple. Here we’ve compiled a list of steps for the most cost and time effective way to clean your home marble flooring. Here it is:

Step one - Buy any of these materials you don’t already have:

  • A Bucket
  • A soft Sponge
  • Dish Soap or mild soap
  • A toothbrush

Step two - Prepare the room you are cleaning. This step is necessary, because cleaning the floors will be much easier with no obstacles, and hey, the less unnecessary cleaning products you get on your furniture the better! So make sure at least any chairs or tables are moved off the floor before beginning the cleaning.

Step three - Fill your bucket halfway with a mixture of hot water and dish soap. You don’t need to use much dish soap, just enough to get the water in the bucket nice and sudsy. Keep in mind you may have to move this bucket around, so don’t fill it past your own comfort level of heaviness.

Step four - Begin scrubbing with a fully soaked soft sponge. Similar to the process of mopping, work moving backwards, so you don’t tread over the newly cleaned area. Make sure to be gentle and don’t leave any scratches or scuffs!

Step five - for marble with trenches (spaces in between tiles with a dip) use a toothbrush with the same water/soap mixture. These spaces will often collect large amounts of dirt, so it’s best to scrub a bit more thoroughly.

Step Six - The final step, drying. Once step four and five have been repeated throughout the entirety of your floor, it’s time to dry it! It’s best not to let it air dry, since dust and dirt can catch on to the wet floor. Instead, for the best drying method, put a large bath towel on the floor, step on it, and shift around the floor until you’ve dragged it all over the area.


About The Author

Dane is the owner and manager at Eckard's Flooring Savannah GA.