Hardwood Floors + Savannah Humidity

Hardwood flooring in Savannah is a popular choice. In our previous article about options for hardwood flooring Savannah loves, we discussed all the pros and cons of  laminate, engineered or solid hardwood flooring. If you’re a Savannah native, you know that lots of homes use hardwood flooring.  So, it’s no surprise that hardwood floors can be a great option here.  However, you may not be aware of the best way to keep hardwood floors in Savannah looking their best.

Cleanliness is contingent

If you selected solid hardwood, you can expect a nice return on resale value and phenomenal durability. Solid hardwood is a sustainable surface if you are attentive to its upkeep. Moreover, many kinds of wood are even more beautiful after they age, which is an incentive for ensuring their health. They only look as nice as you are to them.

Maintenance of a hardwood floor

It isn’t enough to clean a Hardwood floor thoroughly- you also have to clean it regularly. You might say the maintenance comes with the territory––literally. If you are successful, it may even last longer than you do. The initial phase involves figuring out how your floor is sealed, or identifying that it is not sealed. Although the manner of seal is one you may already know, a lot of owners don't.

Identifying a seal on your hardwood floor

This is important because the type of seal will determine the type of care your floor requires. If it is surface-sealed, all you need is a mop and a broom. In the event of a penetrating seal-treated or oil-treated floor, you will need liquid or paste wax. If your floor is lacquered, varnished, shellacked, or untreated, you may also apply liquid or paste wax. If uncertain, use a finger for a brush in order to see whether it leaves a mark. If there is a mark, the floor is treated. If no mark, your floor is surface-sealed.

Abide by directions under warranty

Avoid vinegar if you are managing a surface-sealed floor. Vinegar is acidic and, as a result, may gradually degenerate your seal if you use any. If you are contemplating a new floor, make sure you are only using the elements indicated by a manufacturer. Materials outside the purview of the indication may void your warranty. In any event, water is a generally innocuous alternative as long as you limit how much you use.

How you use water

Specifically, use a spray bottle so you are sure you aren’t unloading an untenable volume of liquid into interstices you’ll never access. Never use more than is able to evaporate as you move on. If your floor is lacquered or shellacked, you’d better avoid water altogether. In that case, you will want a more efficient way of cleaning off a floor. Although water is often tried and true, you should take advantage of technological advancements like a vacuum.

Cleaning solution and a vacuum

Be sure you select a vacuum with a light and limber design. A complementary item is a spray mop. Instead of getting down and dirty every moment you notice a new sheen of dust, you just shuffle along easily and identify problematic spaces. Make sure you are using a cleaning solution formulated for a gentle effect on a hardwood floor. If you exercise them properly, you won’t have to worry about replacing an unsightly spot on an area with a new spot due to what was supposed to clean it.

Microfiber mop

Microfiber mops or a swifter are the best tools for cleaning hardwood floors. A microfiber mop is able to get ahold of all the smaller material along the lines of soot, dirt, or pet hair. The microfiber mop is statically charged, which enables it to draw particles affected by electricity. By contrast, a broom is nowhere near as effective and scratches sensitive hardwood. If you involve a vacuum, make sure you use one with soft bristles. Make sure it isn’t one with a beater bar.

Commit to a routine

In terms of schedule, your best bet is to devise a routine and stick with it. Get in the habit of dusting and sweeping every day. Use a mop and a vacuum one time every week. Add an appropriate hardwood floor cleaner once a month. Be gentle. The combination of activities is necessary because each serves a unique use. It is important to be consistent if you aren’t looking for a renovation bill. Some things are out of your control.

Miscellaneous tips

When it’s humid, have a fan on. If you identify a legion of palmetto bugs, call in the national guard. There’s only so much anyone can do. The following are miscellaneous tips on cleaning a hardwood floor. After 3-5 years, add a maintenance coat; after several decades, sand and refinish your hardwood floor. Wipe up a spill as soon as it happens. Trim your pet’s claws so they don’t scratch up the floor. Use felt covers on furniture legs so they don’t make an indentation.

These tips should ensure your Savannah hardwood floors stay beautiful for their whole extended lifetime!

About The Author

Dane is the owner and manager at Eckard's Flooring Savannah GA.