Who doesn’t love home projects? Do-It-Yourself projects can often lend a great sense of accomplishment, a good conversation starter, and sometimes even an easier time on your wallet than going professional.

Whether you just bought hardwood floors in Savannah GA or carpet in Missouri, you may be wondering the best and most cost-effective way to install your new flooring. When approaching a project, it’s important to weigh the two options; DIY and professional,. Fgure out which is more worthwhile money and time-wise.

Here are a few things that should help you decide whether or not your floor work is best left to a professional or if you should grab your own toolbox.

Construction Experience

Experience is a huge factor in these sorts of projects, and no one here can tell you how experienced or inexperienced you may be in the subject. The more skilled you are in flooring and home improvement already, the more likely you’ll be able to successfully pull off a personal installation.

Project Cost

Cost can always vary per project, but keep in mind one important fact in this case: unless you know someone in the business, materials you purchase for a home project will be retail price, and professionals will often have a contact for buying materials in bulk for bulk prices.

Other costs for doing it yourself can include:

  • equipment (tools, safety equipment)
  • supplies (nails, adhesives, etc)
  • any extra labor you may want to bring in


Your choice of what kind of flooring you want to install can definitely affect what skill level you need to pull it off successfully. For instance:

  • Wood floors will require some experience in correctly cutting wood boards, and using tools like nail guns safely
  • Carpeting can be a complicated job, as it requires special types of cuts and using special tools.
  • Tiles can require a moderate level of skill, to be installed cleanly.


As with any other project, bringing in a professional means being able to communicate your exact plans and ideas to someone in a way that ensures they understand you. Any misunderstandings can cost money and time.


As with any home improvement projects, it’s important to keep in consideration any safety concerns you may have. Most contractors are covered under insurance encase of any injury on the job, but any accident you may have while doing your own project may have to come out of your own pocket.

Keeping all these things in mind should make your decision between calling a professional or doing it yourself a little easier. Remember, the ultimate goal is to take the route which is most efficient to you.


About The Author

Dane is the owner and manager at Eckard's Flooring Savannah GA.