Did you hear my radio add & then found us online?! YOU are now my current favorite potential client. You may be looking for a little more details regarding out various carpet promos going on now here in our Savannah location, so hopefully we can clear that up.

First, something I didn’t mention on the radio ads… We are still spot cleaning every carpet we install, once per year, for free if you have an accident that needs a little more attention than what can be done with a damp cloth & blot treatment. If you spill something, we’ll send out our favorite carpet cleaners here in town, Choice Care Carpet Cleaning. Isaac Bacon is a fantastic guy who runs a fantastic company. Check them out here: http://www.choicecarecarpetcleaning.com/Choice-Care-Carpet-Rug-Cleaning-Savannah-Ga..html

Second, let’s talk about carpet pad! I know, carpet pad is literally the most exciting thing to read about on the internet. Which is why we’re offering free pad upgrades on every carpet project we’re doing this summer. Basic level, 6# pad goes for $2.50 /sy. Second tier 8# pad goes for $5.00, and top of the line 10# pad sits at $8.00. (Basically, pad density is measured in pounds, and is a good metric for how the product feels. The higher density, the better it feels!) Free pad upgrades gets you the 10# product for $5, the 8# product for 2.50. Easy.

Now, as for the scraps. Unfortunately left over materials are almost always a factor in the carpet installation process. We want to minimize waste, and give you as much value for your money as possible. So now, all of those left over pieces, we’re surging them up nice & tidy to create walk off mats & runners & whatever else we might be able to make out of the material you have left over. Of course, every job is different, so what we might be able to product varies, but your sales people can easily help you plan these details out before we place any orders or begin the installation process.

Please reach out with any questions you may have. Let me know what you think! 912-355-6224. Thanks for checking us out, I look forward to speaking with you soon!

-Dane Eckard

About The Author

Dane is the owner and manager at Eckard's Flooring Savannah GA.