The deal in a nutshell: Eckard’s Flooring will install carpet from our great stock of remnants up to 180 sf into any one room with 7/16” pad & one transition strip for the price of $300 tax included. Install does not include any extra material or labor items such as moving furniture, taking up or disposing of old flooring, tack strips, transitions beyond the first, or measuring services. 

Basically this, if you can give us a room totaling 180 sf that the carpet & pad has been taken out of, we’ll install a great new carpet for $300.00

So how do I do it?

#1: Stretch a tape across the widest & longest points of the room you’d like to consider. Make sure you measure into the doorway as those last couple inches really matter. Make a note of the length in feet & inches. Try not to focus so much on the total being more or less than 180 sf. This quick measure will really help!

#2: Stop by our shop, 29 Echols Ave, Savannah. We’re located right behind the Green Frog Sleep Center, just off Abercorn, 7500 block. 

#3: Ask for Alex. Alex will be able to show you though our fantastic remnant showroom & find a piece that will work for your space. In our collection, we’ve got super high end 6-6 nylon products, patterns, plush pieces & basic materials too. We’ve got so many different pieces to show you, I’m sure Alex will have no problem helping you find one that will work. 

#4: Once we’ve found a piece you like, we’ll mark it for you & take care of our $300 down payment, discuss a measurement & schedule a time to get you installed. 

Setting up an In Home Measurement 

You may be dead on in your measurements, but it’s always a good idea to have the pros double check. We do ask for a $35 measurement fee to cover Gina’s time (Gina’s great btw, she can answer most any question you have.) She can verify the piece you have selected will fit the room you have in mind. 

If we find that the room is too big, we should be able to find a piece that works instead. If we can’t, we’ll refund your $300 & keep an eye out for one that will work for you as we collect more stock!

The extras you may need

Do they need more than one room? If they like two remnants, double the amount. If they want to take something off of the rack, calculate COST of the material they like, plus 20%. Market 6 pad @ 2.00 / sy, Install @ $5.00 / sy.

If aren’t quite up to moving your furniture & ripping up the old flooring in your space, we totally understand. We can do all of those things, as long as you cover the cost to our guys. Here’s a list of items you may need:

Moving Furniture @ 40.00 per room

We don’t move small personal contents, but we can handle the heavy stuff. A basic rule of thumb is, if you wouldn’t want your car mechanic to handle it, go ahead and try to move it out for us too. 

Take up carpeting up to 180 sf @ 45.00

We can remove the carpet and the pad no problem. If you have a hard surface product in your space, Alex can discuss exactly what might be involved in it’s removal and the costs involved. 

Tack strip @ 1.00 per piece

If you take up your own carpet, leave the tack strip! If there are a couple pieces moving 

Z-bar transitions @ 7.00 each 

These are used to tuck the carpet into doorways. One comes included in the base deal.

Do you have more than one room? 

That is no problem. We can easily do two rooms for $550, or we always have carpets in stock that might be eligible for discounts for those who come in & ask for the $300 bedroom deal. We have a variety of materials here that we can custom cut to fill your needs & get installed quickly. We can work you up an estimate here at the shop & base it on any number of different styles when you stop in to see us. 

Thanks for checking us out. Please don’t hesitate to give us a shout with any questions you may have. You can reach us 8:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday at 912-355-6224. And at Shoot Alex an email & we can get started!

About The Author

Dane is the owner and manager at Eckard's Flooring Savannah GA.